Why do I feel this way on the day after Easter?

As a pastor, you have a variety of emotions on the day after Easter. Since this is my 25th Easter (we’ll celebrate that later this year), I’ve experienced all of them at one time or another – sometimes all on the same Monday. Sometimes you feel… Delirious – The service went great, or your neighbor […]

Setting the example without killing the morale

What do great leaders look like? That’s almost like asking, “When will I know I’m in love?” The answer: “You just will. You’ll know it when you see it.” Recognizing a great leader is similar. You’ll know it when you see them. Great leaders are different. When you meet one, you can sense it. They’re […]

What’s in my toolbox?

“How do you get things done?” That's a question I hear all the time. As a pastor, movement leader, speaker, mentor, husband, parent, grandfather (did I mention grandfather?) and amateur photographer wanna-be, things can get hectic at times. The truth is, we are all busy. We all have limited time to accomplish the stuff we […]

Dude, I don’t want my black friend…

This interview was a great promo video for ARC, but it goes beyond that. I love the explanation that Jimmy Rollins gives to a conversation he had with Rick Bezet at about the 2:00 mark of the video. “Dude, I don’t want my black friend…”

I will be having a Ministry Hangout on Wednesday, April 9 at 2pm EDT. Jimmy Rollins is one of the guests and we will be talking about diversity in the church. You can watch it HERE.