What’s in my toolbox?

“How do you get things done?”

That's a question I hear all the time. As a pastor, movement leader, speaker, mentor, husband, parent, grandfather (did I mention grandfather?) and amateur photographer wanna-be, things can get hectic at times.

The truth is, we are all busy. We all have limited time to accomplish the stuff we are responsible for and a few other things that we enjoy doing. How do you get things done?

For me, the key is having the right priorities, the right schedule, and the right tools.

In this post, I'll tackle how having the right tools makes my life easier.

Dude, I don’t want my black friend…

This interview was a great promo video for ARC, but it goes beyond that. I love the explanation that Jimmy Rollins gives to a conversation he had with Rick Bezet at about the 2:00 mark of the video. “Dude, I don’t want my black friend…”

I will be having a Ministry Hangout on Wednesday, April 9 at 2pm EDT. Jimmy Rollins is one of the guests and we will be talking about diversity in the church. You can watch it HERE.

A Report From A Reluctant Missionary

A few thoughts from a short trip to Nicaragua to dedicate a medical clinic:

  • You don’t have to love to travel to be an effective foreign missionary. You know the guy that wakes up every morning excited about the next missions trip? Yeah – that’s not me. My life revolves around a six block area. I live there. I work there. I go to church there. I buy my coffee there. I’m very comfortable there. Really comfortable. God uses even reluctant guys like me to do some pretty cool things occasionally.

Leftovers from the weekend – Strengthening your financial core

As promised, here are some of the leftovers from this past weekends message – Strengthening your financial core. You can watch the message here.

  • The opening illustration about the nine decisions you make when getting a cup of coffee came from this article.
  • This article has some simple but practical steps for attacking the mountain of debt that comes from large student loans and easy credit card availability.
  • Here is an article with a creative take on savings. It talks about treating your dollars like employees.
  • This article talks about how important it is to have a financial backup plan and how to make one.