Bio pics 009I’m the founding pastor of Seacoast Church and the president of the Association of Related Churches (ARC), a church planting movement. I’m also the author of Ir-rev-rend: Christianity Without the Pretense. Faith Without the Façade. You can read a preview chapter here.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on leadership, especially as it relates to pastors, church leaders and church planters. My mission is to help leaders grow. Healthy leaders reproduce healthy churches. As a result, I write on personal development, leadership, productivity, church growth, and occasionally some random stuff that doesn’t fit into neat categories. I try to do it with a pinch of humor thrown in for good measure.

I also have a vodcast/podcast called, “Ministry Hangouts” where I cover similar topics. I typically interview two or three people who are seeing good results in their area of expertise.

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Seacoast Church

Seacoast Church was founded by by my wife, myself and a small team of church planters in April of 1988 in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Our goal was to present the Gospel in a fresh contemporary way. After a very slow start, the church began to grow and by 2001 had outgrown several facilities and we were doing five services in our current location. Our request for permission from the town to build a larger auditorium was refused, causing us to look for more creative ways to gather as a church. We became one of the earlier pioneers in doing church in more than one location, now called “muti-site”.

Currently Seacoast worships in twelve different locations each weekend, using a combination of live teaching and a video stream model.


The Association of Related Churches was formed in 2001 for the express purpose of being a relational church planting network. Believing that every community needs life giving churches, our goal is to plant 2,000 new churches by 2020. As of 2014 we are 20% of the way to the goal, having planted over 400 churches. We are currently planting at a rate of 1 every 4 days, with a success rate (based on sustained viability after five years) of better than 90%.

Until 2013, nearly all of the churches were planted within the USA. While continuing to focus on North America, we are now planting church planting movements in other parts of the world.


I have been married to my wife, Debbie (follow her on Twitter @debbiesur), since 1976. We are parents to four children and thirteen grandchildren. We live just outside of Charleston in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I enjoy photography, golfing, fishing and biking. I also like cheering on underdogs – specifically the Cubs, Broncos and Gamecocks (fear the chicken).

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