Some things you probably shouldn’t tweet

There are some things that would be better left un-twittered. I recently saw a tweet extolling the virtues of the tweeters current boss. Something like this: “So refreshing to work under wise Godly leadership.” My first thought was: “That’s true. It’s great to work in a life giving environment.” I knew the pastor he was […]

My current Top Ten favorite iPad photography apps

Since photography is my hobby and all things tech (especially Apple) are my vice, I’d thought I’d make a list of my current favorite photography apps for the iPad: Filterstorm Pro – Just released in April of 2011, this is almost the app that I’ve been waiting for. (Actually I’m waiting for Adobe to come […]

A day in the life – The weekend

I thought you might be interested in what a weekend looks like from my perspective. These pictures (taken with my iPhone and processed with Instagram) represent 24 hours – from 3:00pm Saturday until 3:00pm Sunday. It was a good weekend, even though we got an hour less to sleep… [slickr-flickr tag="sccditl1" type="slideshow" size="large" sort="date" direction="ascending"] […]

The tools I use to create a message

Several people have asked lately what software and processes I use currently for creating a message. In this post I will not go into the “spiritual” aspects of study, prayer, etc. This is just about the tools. First, the hardware: I use an 11″ MacBook Air to create the message and an iPad to present […]

The weekend message process at Seacoast

After my previous post, I received several requests for a copy of the template that I use to format my weekly messages.  It’s actually quite simple and you can download a PDF here. Here’s a brief explanation of how we approach the weekend message: First, we teach thru books of the Bible We have been teaching […]

Video iPod

Did you see the release of the new video iPod?  iTunes also got an upgrade to handle video downloads.  This excites me…the age of video podcasts is here.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Can you say "the times they are a changing"?  I can’t get very excited about podcasting…other than free distribution of weekend services […]

This and that…

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon: Anthony Coppedge has a post on the financial costs of doing multi-sites.  He interviews Dennis Choy, the technical director from North Coast.  They outline 3 basic options that churches can use when considering video venues/campuses.  It’s really good stuff…very practical…I think there may be at least 4 options…I’ll be […]

Blogging Church podcast

Terry Storch at Blogging Church had me as a guest on his podcast.  If you want to hear it, just click here.  I apologize for the quality of audio…it was my fault…bluetoothe problems…but it gets better the further you go into the program. The jist of the interview focused around our use of blogs in […]