#022: What Happens When you Fail?


Today’s Topic: What Happens When You Fail?

Host: Greg Surratt
Co-Host: Shawn Wood
GuestsDino Rizzo, Michael Lukaszewski

Ministry Hangout, May 14, 2014

  • The Importance of Sharing Our Stories of Failure
  • Surviving Failure
  • How Accountability, Boundaries, and Safeguards Can Fail Us
  • Deceiving Ourselves
  • Steps Toward Restoration
  • What Not to Do
  • Recognizing God’s Love in the Midst of Our Pain
  • Social Media’s Role and Impact
  • What to Say to Your Followers
  • Offering Words of Hope to Others
  • Resources for Healing

When is it time for a change?

I read an article recently about how to tell when your business needs a new leader. It opens with:

An entrepreneur should know when it is time to move on for the sake of his or her business. Entrepreneurs who have built a business from the ground up often have strong emotional ties to their companies. Too often though, emotions can get in the way of sound business decisions, and a leadership change may be in order.


The author listed four telltale signs:

10 Ways To Spot An Unlikely Leader

I love the Jim Collins quote from Good To Great: “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” The problem: Where do you find great people?

Recently I was reading the story of Jesus confrontation with Zaccheaus in the New Testament and I noticed at least 10 principles that apply to all of us when choosing leaders to help us in our work.

The story behind the #worldstoughestjob video

I thought the video we used this weekend was one of the most clever ideas on conveying how tough a job that of a mom can really be. Apparently nearly 20 million people who have seen the viral video agree. What a huge win for the card company who made it.

You might be interested in the story behind the making of the video. You can see that here.


What’s new this week?

What I learned this week

Confession time: I was the kid who read the encyclopedias for fun while growing up. Can I get a witness?

Some of you are saying, “Encyclo-what?”

Google it.

I’ve always enjoyed learning. Whether it’s researching the newest hobby, chasing the latest productivity app, or studying the history behind the New Testament, I love the thrill of discovery.

It’s follow thru that’s always been a challenge for me.

Remembering Mom

In honor of my mother, I’m going to repost something I wrote almost nine years ago on her birthday. I later included it in my book Ir-rev-rend. I still miss her.

She would have been 69 today. She was my age when we first heard the “c” word…”it happens to other families, not ours”, I remember thinking. She left us 14 years ago…I still feel more sadness than joy when I think about her…maybe that will change someday…maybe next year.

What’s in my pocket? What I’m reading and why it matters

Last week I posted about how I use Feedly and Pocket to help me expand my knowledge base as a leader. If it’s useful, I thought I might do a quick post every week or two called “What’s in my Pocket?” In it I will give a short list of what I’m reading and how it’s helpful to my leadership.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

So, here goes…

What’s in my Pocket this week?