And the winners are…


I’m pretty sure that you have been waiting all weekend with baited breath to find out who won the free copies of Ir-rev-rend.

I promised that there would be five winners who commented on this post. There were over 2,000 readers and 190 comments. Here’s how we chose:

First, we gave Dr Jon Carlile one because he was the hero of the story and was brave enough to identify himself.

Next, we asked the computer to randomly identify four more worthy candidates.

And the winners are:
1. Dr. Jon Carlile
2. Aimee Rawlinson Lehman
3. Chris Russo
4. Gail Derreberry
5. Lorie Ferguson

Just send us your name, email, and mailing address and we’ll get you a copy as soon as we get our hands on some. Send it to


Preview chapter from Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade

The following is a preview chapter from my book “Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade” (release date September 28, 2011). If you would like to order a copy for your Kindle/iPad you can click HERE. For a hardcover copy you can click HERE.

Giveaway:  I’m giving away a copy of the book to 5 people who leave comments. (Winners will be announced Monday)