When a friend blows it

God doesn’t humiliate repentant sinners.

This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. (Hebrews 4:15 NLT)

He understands our weaknesses. Too often when I read this scripture I focus on the fact that ‘he did not sin’ rather than the truth that ‘he understands our weaknesses’.

We ought to have his heart toward those who have given into temptation. We have to treat them with dignity and not scorn. The truth is – “they” are us. The measure of grace we use in judging others failures will be measured back to us when we need it.

Shame grows in the soil of guilt.

Strength grows in fields of Grace.

Grace is amazing.

A homeless baby finds grace…

I recenly received this email. i was granted permission to put it on my blog. (Its a bit long but well worth the read.)

“My daughter in law Gretchen is a member of the Longpoint Campus.  She is a paramedic and a midwife and has the gift to evangelize.

Monday she responded to a 911 call out of the city for a woman in labor.  The address was a homeless shelter.  This shelter is hardly a shelter.  The husband and wife live in one room of a place that is dirty, full of drugs, and evil.  Even the food is not fit to eat.  To make it even worse, they raise pit bulls for fighting!  Not a safe place.

Gretchen gets them into the ambulance but has to stop on I-26 to deliver their baby. Collegiate Noble-Prophet was brought into this world to Clayton and Tamara, who happen to be a homeless couple, in the back of her ambulance.  As you can imagine, their was joy and thanks and a lot of praising going on in that ambulance.

Gretchen took them on to the hospital but couldn’t ignore the Holy Spirit prodding her to do more.  While Tamara and the baby were in the hospital Gretchen and the paramedics gathered supplies and food.  The couple is in awe of how God is working through Gretchen.  When they asked why she is doing all this, she simply said because Jesus told us to love our neighbor.

It was not a happy day to go back to the shelter with a newborn.  While in the hospital, someone called Child Services.  They were horrified to learn that DSS is giving them 14 days to get out of the shelter because the baby must have it’s own room.

Again, Gretchen is desperately trying to figure out what she can do for them.  All this past week she is reaching out, praying and experiencing such anxiety over this. Yesterday, when she got home from work, she looked at me and said I have a problem I just have to tell you about.  She showed me a picture of the baby, and told me the story and cried for the family.

My response was: okay, this is about a community response that should be given up to the Body of Christ.  It’s too much for one person to solve.  I explained this is exactly what missional community is all about.  Let’s get this on the City NOW.  Agreed.  But, we need to work on that after she gets cleaned up from 2 days of work with no shower.  While she was showering the Holy Spirit prompted me (a couple times) to call Katherine from Healing Farm Ministries.  We work closely together on the Luke 14 Banquet.  So, I did and told Katherine God told me to put this on her heart.  So here goes.

God prompted Katherine to call Melissa.  Melissa is the director or founder of CrossBridge Family Ministries.  They actively work to place people in need in homes.  She also is a court appointed guardian.  (That handles DSS nicely)

A couple phone conversations were made and Gretchen had the extreme honor to call Clayton and Tamara saying there is hope.  CrossBridge is prepared to move them out into an Extended Stay Hotel until they can get them into a home.  Today at NOON, Gretchen and I will go to Jamestown with Melissa to move them out.

There’s still so much need.  Clayton is a chef!  He needs a job and a car to get there.  They need fellowship and love to sustain them too.

The family is overwhelmed by our actions. They affectionately call Gretchen “Momma” and tell her how much they love her. They are amazed that people would love their neighbors this way, without reservation.  They want to see the place where people go to worship and learn to love their neighbors like this.  So, Gretchen is bringing them to Seacoast on Longpoint tomorrow!

I have to tell you the most amazing, wonderful part of the story:


Even now, my hands shake with excitement of how EXTREMELY WONDERFUL OUR GOD is when we allow him to show up.  So many factors were put into place before we could turn this around for them in less than an hour!

I don’t know the rest of the story and what’s going to happen in the future.  But I know today we are moving a homeless couple into a safe environment and we are praising the God who brought it all together.”

Pretty cool, huh?