Tim Tebow’s not the savior, but he sure does act like one


I’ve been a Bronco fan for a long time. I remember striped socks, the South Stands, Steve Tensi, Cookie Gilcrest, Lyle Alzado, The Orange Crush, and the days when two words were enough to describe Mile High Stadium. We loved our Broncos. We filled the stadium. We cheered them on, even though they didn’t win much. We learned to endure. “Maybe next year we’ll beat the Raiders”, was our rallying cry.

Then along came a savior.

Not THE savior. There’s only been one of those. He was born in a manger in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. His name was Jesus. He came to save the world. And he did.

Our savior was born in a hospital in Port Angeles, Washington in 1960. His name was Elway. He came to save our Broncos. And he did.

And then he left us, and we’ve been looking for another ever since.

Maybe, just maybe we’ve found him. He was born in the Philippines, and like THE savior, his birth was a bit of a miracle. He came to us by way of Florida and we hope he has come to save our Broncos.

Or maybe it’s not just our Broncos he came to save. In a time when our innocence has been shattered by revelations of the sexual abuse of our children by those we’ve cheered as role models, maybe he has come to restore faith in our heroes. We want to believe. We need to believe. But, in the dark recesses of our psyche, we wonder if he’ll disappoint us like so many have. Or worse, turn out to be something entirely different than the public package.

We want to believe in the underdog. The kid that the pundants say will never make it.

We want to believe in the gifted young man who says “No sir” and “Yes sir” in response to questions at the press conferences.

We want to believe in the humble leader who “thanks my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”, gives credit to his coaches and team mates and pledges to do his best to improve everyday.

We want to believe. We want to hope. But the cynical pessimist inside of us is waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’re afraid he will disappoint us.

The truth is, he probably will. Hopefully not in scandalous ways. He’s human. Although they run quite well, his feet are made of clay. He’s just a wealthier, better looking, more athletic version of me. And I don’t always get it right, neither do you, and nor will he. He’s going to make mistakes, throw to the wrong jersey from time to time, say stuff he shouldn’t, and be severely tested when wins become losses and the temptations of fame are thrown his way.

If you want a Savior that won’t disappoint, you’d be better served trusting the one from Bethlehem. He proved himself divine.

Tim Tebow’s not THE savior, but he sure acts a lot like one.

I’m pulling for him. We need him to win. Not just for the Broncos, but for our hopes and dreams that the good guys really do exist and that they do well. I know he’s just beginning, but we need him to finish strong.

Honestly, I think he will. The fourth quarter at Mile High is becoming known as Tebow time.

One more thing…I just wish Tim Tebow could play for the Cubs.

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Why I wrote the book and why you should buy one

My new book, Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade releases today.

I thought I’d take a minute and tell you why I wrote it and maybe give you some reasons why you should buy the book.

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And the winners are…


I’m pretty sure that you have been waiting all weekend with baited breath to find out who won the free copies of Ir-rev-rend.

I promised that there would be five winners who commented on this post. There were over 2,000 readers and 190 comments. Here’s how we chose:

First, we gave Dr Jon Carlile one because he was the hero of the story and was brave enough to identify himself.

Next, we asked the computer to randomly identify four more worthy candidates.

And the winners are:
1. Dr. Jon Carlile
2. Aimee Rawlinson Lehman
3. Chris Russo
4. Gail Derreberry
5. Lorie Ferguson

Just send us your name, email, and mailing address and we’ll get you a copy as soon as we get our hands on some. Send it to PastorGreg@Seacoast.org


Busted: My seat mate from Ir-rev-rend finds me

When I posted the preview chapter from my soon to be released book, Ir-rev-rend, I didn’t expect the subject of the story to suddenly show up in the comment section. After all, I’d only met him one time, and that on a brief airplane flight. But, there he was. As big as life. Commenting on the accuracy of our encounter. Fortunately, according to him, I got the story right. The only thing I missed was the spelling of his name. Apparently that wasn’t the only misspelling in the chapter. :-)

I thought you’d be interested in hearing his take on the story.

Well it’s me, I’m the chiropractor you met on the plane. I can’t remember exactly how long ago, I think a couple of years or so. Any way a friend Sean Tabor told me about your book tonight. I decided to read your preface and wanted to comment on what I think gave me power to be me. It’s simple with preachers like Fred Richards, Robert Spadley, truth is I was blessed to have some of Charlestons finest teach me Gods word. Boy does Gods word make a difference especially when you’re forced to believe it. I mean trials can make you or break you depending on how you choose to respond. I was told in Bible school that if you respond to trials in faith , they will make you better. If you respond to trials in fear doubt and unbief, they can make you bitter. I think life can be full of trials, it’s kind of a serendipity experience that builds your character along the way. Well any way I wanted to tell you my secret. It’s not only listening to great preaching it’s listening to Gods word. I know it sounds cliche, who cares there are plenty of versions to listen to. It works, listening to Gods word changed my life. I wish I could say I didn’t have feet of clay, but I do. Many times I honestly listen to God’s word even after knowing I just meditated on something I should not have. Guess what his word cleanses to the utter most. I’m also amazed with Gods word that I listen to the Word during my work hours over the speaker system. I want all of my patients and staff to hear Gods precious word. I go home at night and turn on my iPhone and listen to Gods word when I sleep I listen to Gods word. I currently attempt to hear the word from Genisis to Revelations about every three to four weeks and repeat the process often. I feel that Gods word is the most important thing I can give my self to. One other thing I want to say, I am very happy to say that my children are doing well. My youngest Hannah, is sixteen, she attends Fair hill Christian school in Fairbanks Alaska, my next oldest child is a senior at hutcheson high also in Fairbanks. My next oldest just graduated high school and attends Lee university in Cleveland Tn. My oldest is attending Southeastern University in Lakeland Fla. I told you this because I see Gods faithfulness and answered prayers. God is amazing. I love him and want to spend the rest of my life serving my flock at Carlile Chiropractic. I am pleased that you refer to me in your book. I’m so glad that after so many years God kindly allows me be re instated back to the lives I left over thirty years ago. I want to thank Fred Richards and Rob Spradley, Jim Kelly, Jeff Stockford, and Sue Nesmith for being there in YouthQuake. Gods word, Gods people, Gods Spirit what a combo. Now that’s a hardy meal that feeds this Charlestonian Alaska boy. I love you, thanks for sharing and allowing me to share on the plane. God bless you if you want to keep in touch I would love to take you into the wilderness. If you want pictures let me know. Thank you Dr Jon Carlile

A little later Jon’s brother Ed left a comment:

Greg, your description of Jon and his enthusiasm was perfect. He is so inspirational even in the worst of times. He would always say, “I just want to stay in God’s will”. It is because we were raised in a good Christian home. We were members of Northwoods Assembly when Sea Coast was started. So we had the good training and direction of Pastor Richards. In fact, my wife and I were married there by Doug Cotton. When Jon totally committed his life to God, he never looked back.
He has amazed me in his accomplishments, which haven’t come easy. When he was at Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, he didn’t have tuition for his sophomore year. He was insistent that God would provide a way. I’ll never forget the day he called me in Charleston to say he was on the Rugby team. John had never played any high school sport and he really didn’t know what Rugby was. But that’s where enthusiasm, following God’s will and 285 pounds of Jon Carlile can do. I asked him if he ever scored. He said they just put me in to rough people up. Either God is a big sports fan or He wanted Jon to get that sophomore year scholarship.
I’m glad you had an opportunity to meet Jon and share his story.
I’m proud to be his brother.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was at least one more interesting comment. You may remember me referring to a girl I sat next too on an earlier flight. She was nervous about flying and releaved to be sitting next to her pastor, not realizing that he was piously praying for an empty seat. Her name is Brenda and she recognized herself:

To be fair, once the adrenaline wore off and the plane took off I tried not to talk to you because I figured you get tired of being a celebrity. But geesh you just kept yammering on and on. I said a couple of prayers of my own. I was sorry to see the editor changed the original text from “an intelligent well put together (and most likely very funny) woman” and just went with “young woman”.
I get it. You needed the space.

Great chapter. You had me at “no one should be up at that hour.”

Thank you for the times you have been a part of my story. I’m sure that sentiment could be repeated sincerely all over the world! I look forward to the rest of the stories.

Honestly, I tried to disguise the identity of some of the characters in other stories a little better than these. I changed names and facts to protect the innocent (and sometimes the guilty). But I’m kind of glad that Jon identified himself. He’s the kind of hero that everyone should get to meet at least once in your life.

I’m glad I got my chance, I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Preview chapter from Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade

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