My current Top Ten favorite iPad photography apps

Since photography is my hobby and all things tech (especially Apple) are my vice, I’d thought I’d make a list of my current favorite photography apps for the iPad:

  1. Filterstorm Pro – Just released in April of 2011, this is almost the app that I’ve been waiting for. (Actually I’m waiting for Adobe to come up with a REAL app for the iPad.) Filterstorm does all the things you would expect a photo app to do (crops, straightening, curves, hue, sharpening, vignetting, etc.) plus it allows you to save your photos as collections. You can apply each effect as a mask, so it allows you to do some pretty sophisticated adjustments. Since I’d much rather use my finger than a mouse, this app is one step closer to saying good bye to the laptop when it comes to photography.
  2. Diptic – This app allows you to put multiple photos into a kind of collage. (It’s what I used for the picture for this post.) It’s great for telling story’s in a hurry. I like to use it with the next app…
  3. Instagram – Actually this app is just iPad friendly, it’s really made for the iPhone. After capturing a photo with my iPhone (or my Nikon D7000), processing it with Filterstorm Pro, then sometimes composing it in Diptic, I like to upload it to Instagram.  IG is a social friendly place to post pictures and see what your friends are posting. You can apply about a dozen pretty cool filters, if you’d like, then send links to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Flickr, Tumblr, and others. (Here’s a link to the above picture in my Instagram account: )
  4. Instagallery – Until Instagram makes an iPad specific app, Instagallery is a much more pleasing way to view your photostream.
  5. Web Albums – I still post some of my pictures on Picasa (as well as Flickr and Instagram), so Web Albums is the best app I’ve found to do the Google thing.  I wish more apps (like Instagram, Diptic and  Filterstorm Pro, for example) had easy ways to get your photos to Picasa. There are work arounds, but they are messy.
  6. FlickrStackr – This app let’s you view and manipulate photos in your Flickr account.  Not great, but it gets the job done.
  7. PhotoSync – This app allows you to sync your photos between your iPad, iPhone and computer without using the iTunes sync. (The first day I don’t have to use iTunes sync for anything will be a wonderful day.) The syncing goes both ways, so it’s great for getting photos in and out of Lightroom on my iPad.
  8. Photogene – This is another app like Filterstorm Pro, but not as powerful.  It was my go to app for processing pics before April.
  9. SketchMee – This app allows you to make your photos look like watercolors or pencil sketches.  It’s pretty cool for something different occasionally.
  10. Noir – I just started using this one, so I really don’t know much about it, but I needed ten in the list.  I’ve seen some creative pics done with it, though.  It basically turns your photo to black and white with a choice of about four tints, and allows you to readjust the focus of light.

What about you?  Do you agree/disagree with my list?

What are you using?