Why I wrote the book and why you should buy one

My new book, Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade releases today. I thought I’d take a minute and tell you why I wrote it and maybe give you some reasons why you should buy the book. If you want to skip the explanation and get right to the ordering, you can do […]

Busted: My seat mate from Ir-rev-rend finds me

When I posted the preview chapter from my soon to be released book, Ir-rev-rend, I didn’t expect the subject of the story to suddenly show up in the comment section. After all, I’d only met him one time, and that on a brief airplane flight. But, there he was. As big as life. Commenting on […]

Don’t set goals…

I had a friend tell me one time, "Don't set goals…until you comfortable with the story". What he was saying was that our lives are a kind of narrative…a story being told.  So, rather than just sitting down and putting some goals on a paper at the beginning of the year, why not let the […]