And the winner is…

In a previous post I announced that I was going to giveaway 3 sets of TRUTHCARDS. There were so many great responses that I hated to pick just three! But, with the help of a site called, we did it.

And the winners are:

Christy Burden
Yasmeena Sullivan

Congratulations! We’ll be in contact with you by email soon.

If you didn’t win and would like to order TRUTHCARDS you can do that HERE.

Truthcard giveaway

Earlier I posted about a great idea my daughter in law, Jenna, had to teach her kids God’s word. She made flashcards with scripture verses on one side and recruited me to take corresponding pictures on the other side. She called them TRUTHCARDS.

We encouraged her to make them available to a wider audience, so she did. In just a few weeks, several hundred families have ordered TRUTHCARDS as Christmas gifts.

Evidently some families are opening them early :-)Here’s an email from a mom in Virginia:

“I have three children. They are ages 10, 6, and 3. I originally thought the cards would be helpful for my youngest who is a preschooler, but after looking through the cards today I found they were even helpful for me…..the adult! I believe the cards are going to help all the members of our family with verse memorization…not matter what age.”

Pretty cool, huh? If you would like to order TRUTHCARDS you can do it HERE.

Jenna said that I could give away 3 sets of TRUTHCARDS to the readers of my blog. Here’s how it works: Just put your favorite scripture in the comment section and we will choose three of them for giveaways on Monday morning. (If you are already using TRUTHCARDS, why don’t you leave a comment about how they’re working for you.)

Simple enough?

When a great idea becomes more than a business

Last Christmas, my daughter-in-law Jenna came up with a gift that actually lasted longer than the wrapping paper it came in. You know the routine: the kids are super excited about the shiny new toy until its newness wears off about the time the New Year rolls around.

Well, last year was different.

Jenna had been using flashcards to teach her toddlers sign language and to recognize objects, but she couldn’t find anything similar to teach them scriptures. So she decided to make her own. She found some card stock and wrote scriptures on one side and pasted corresponding pictures on the other.

One card had a picture of a rock and Matthew 7:24 on the other side – “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock”.

Another card had my picture on one side (Papa) and the scripture I use for the benediction every week at Seacoast, Eph 3:20-21, on the other. She then hand made enough cards to give about 40 each to her nieces and nephews and a few friends.

And then an amazing thing happened. My son and daughter-in-law, Josh and Lisa, began using the cards to teach my then two year old grandson Miles a new scripture almost every week. Now, nearly a year later, he has an arsenal of nearly 30 scriptures he can quote. Not bad for an ho-nary little crumb cruncher!

Several of us encouraged Jenna to make the cards available to more families and just like that, TRUTHCARDS were born.

She enlisted me to take the pictures (I work for free for the mothers of my grandkids), and she printed up sets of 52, one for each week. In just a couple of weeks she has sold a few hundred to her friends and extended family. We are becoming raving fans.

Some parents have commented that the unexpected benefit of using the cards for their kids was the fact that they are learning the scriptures themselves.

The most moving testimonials have come from the parents of special needs children. One mother says that she is showing the pictures to her daughter as she prays the scriptures over her, praying for her healing and comfort. She says, “She may not be able to pray them for herself, but she is still a child of God and that is how I plan on incorporating them in her life.”

Another mother of a 5 year old with Down’s Syndrome writes: “Although she is pretty high functioning, she is not very verbal. She can say the picture and then I can read her the verse. I know that even though she can’t repeat it yet, it is getting into her spirit. ‘Thy word have I hid in my heart’ takes on a new meaning when you have a special needs child. So much of our focus is on physical development for our ‘special’ kids, we sometimes neglect their spiritual development. Your cards really fill a need.”

My mind raced with possibilities. Besides just making great Christmas gifts for our kids this year, what if people gifted TRUTHCARDS to special needs classes and families? Or to families who wouldn’t normally be able to get them?

A great idea just became a ministry opportunity.

If you’d like to order TRUTHCARDS for your kids or see a blog about them you can go HERE. You can see the TRUTHCARDS Facebook page HERE. Or, if you just want to see some great looking kids using them, you can go HERE.

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(Disclaimer: I don’t receive a penny from the sale of TRUTHCARDS. Just the joy of knowing that my pictures are helping kids to learn God’s word.)