And the winner is…

In a previous post I announced that I was going to giveaway 3 sets of TRUTHCARDS. There were so many great responses that I hated to pick just three! But, with the help of a site called, we did it. And the winners are: Christy Burden Yasmeena Sullivan Jayn Congratulations! We’ll be in contact […]

Truthcard giveaway

Earlier I posted about a great idea my daughter in law, Jenna, had to teach her kids God’s word. She made flashcards with scripture verses on one side and recruited me to take corresponding pictures on the other side. She called them TRUTHCARDS. We encouraged her to make them available to a wider audience, so […]

When a great idea becomes more than a business

Last Christmas, my daughter-in-law Jenna came up with a gift that actually lasted longer than the wrapping paper it came in. You know the routine: the kids are super excited about the shiny new toy until its newness wears off about the time the New Year rolls around. Well, last year was different. Jenna had […]