Why I wrote the book and why you should buy one

My new book, Ir-rev-rend: Christianity without the pretense, faith without the facade releases today.

I thought I’d take a minute and tell you why I wrote it and maybe give you some reasons why you should buy the book.

If you want to skip the explanation and get right to the ordering, you can do so by clicking here: Ir-rev-rend: Christianity Without the Pretense. Faith Without the Façade


What I thought about Easter (in 30 seconds or less)



I know it’s over used, but I can’t think of another word to describe what we experienced together this weekend.

Just awesome.

The numbers:
– 44 services
– 17,189 people
– 1000’s of volunteers
– 100’s of new Christ followers
– Lot’s of tears
– Gallons of lemon-aid

Another pastor asked me, “What did you guys do special this year?”

Honestly, I had to scratch my head and think about that one. My answer:

“Nothing really. We just had church. No advertising. No special set. Not even any moving lights. Just church. And some lemon-aid.”

People invited their friends. They showed up. So did God.

It was awesome.

If a friend came with you this weekend, ask them what they experienced. Open up a conversation about what it looks like for you to be a Christ follower.

Don’t forget to ask them to come back. We do pretty much the same thing every week.

Who knows, it might just be awesome this weekend too. I’m pretty sure Jesus will be there.

What do you think?

A day in the life – The weekend

I thought you might be interested in what a weekend looks like from my perspective. These pictures (taken with my iPhone and processed with Instagram) represent 24 hours – from 3:00pm Saturday until 3:00pm Sunday. It was a good weekend, even though we got an hour less to sleep…

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So, what was your weekend like?